Topographix Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Project Name: Andon system

Client Name: INA Bearing

Project Synopsis:

This is a LabVIEW based Andon system. Clinet's shop floor had many working lines and machines. Each line was connected to a PLC. Our system gathers data from all the PLC's and transmits it to a central server via Wi-Fi where part number, shift, operator time, target, current quantity, downtime, etc is stored. This can later be used for further analysis.

All the data is displayed on LCD screen online on shop floor as well as in MD cabin on real time basis.

If a machine is down, an SMS is sent to the supervisor who is on call. According to the fault the data is displayed in the machining department or maintenance department.

In total more than 60 machines are connected via more than 13 computers to a central server.