Project Name: Production Monitoring system with consistency Improvement mechanism

Client Name: Chheda Electronics and Electrical Pvt. Ltd.

Project Synopsis:

This is a LabVIEW based Andon system. Client's many production lines are connected to a line PC targeting every station from the line. Each station has a particular time cycle, if this time cycle is exceeded, a buzzer on that station goes ON. In this way, the supervisor can keep tabs on each station and ascertain the bottle necks. After a case study, we found that the production consistency which varied from 60% to 80% increased to 90% with minimum variation. The total production improved by 25%. Simple, cost effective yet elegant and effective!

Topographix Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Project Name: Vibration Monitoring System

Client Name: KEM

Project Synopsis: 

Apart from electrical parameters of a motor, it is essential in automotive industry for the motors to be as less vibrating as possible so that the customers can enjoy a smooth ride. Herculean task of monitoring these vibrations coming out of a motor during production was previously done using hand held vibration meters and was subject to human errors. The newly developed automated system by Topographix reduces the human intervention on to loading and unloading on the motors on the fixture. Rest everything is taken care of by the system. Pneumatic controller 5 single axis sensor and one tri-axial sensor give comprehensive vibration data of the motor at various points on the motor as well as the car. Data is safely stored in a database for recollection and traceability is provided by a unique QR code generated at the end of every cycle.