Topographix Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Project Name: DC Fan Motor TestBench.

Client Name: Kinetic Electric

Project Synopsis: 

The client manufactures DC Motors for exhaust and other types of fans for industrial and automobile applications for companies like Renault, Nissan, Mahindra, Piaggo, Hero and TATA.

DC Fan Motor Vibration Monitoring Testbench is deployed on their various assembly lines. This particular system is exclusively used for TATA motors. There are 5 vibration sensors attached through a fixture on the fan shroud assembly. Vaibration is measured from all these sensors. In addition, other parameters such as voltage, current drawn, noise, speed as well as current waveform. Go-No Go decision is taken based on the above parameters and in depth signal analysis of the captured current waveform.

Testbench also has a unique bar-code generation system with data logging and storage for historic analysis. It can further be connected to Topographix developed Production Monitoring System.

Project Name: Production Monitoring system with consistency Improvement mechanism

Client Name: Chheda Electronics and Electrical Pvt. Ltd.

Project Synopsis:

This is a LabVIEW based Andon system. Client's many production lines are connected to a line PC targeting every station from the line. Each station has a particular time cycle, if this time cycle is exceeded, a buzzer on that station goes ON. In this way, the supervisor can keep tabs on each station and ascertain the bottle necks. After a case study, we found that the production consistency which varied from 60% to 80% increased to 90% with minimum variation. The total production improved by 25%. Simple, cost effective yet elegant and effective!